The Best Sweets Turtles - January 2021

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Film Favorites Teenage Mutant Turtles product image


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Sy Montgomery

"Part Emily Dickinson, a part Indiana Jones," because the Boston Globe has called her, and Sy Montgomery was chased by an angry silverback gorilla at Zaire and swum with piranhas and pink dolphins in the Amazon. To research her books, films and articles, she's worked in a pit swarming with 18,000 snakes in Canada and been searched by a tiger in India. She has hiked the Altai Mountains of Mongolia's Gobi desert and penetrated the cloud forests of Papua New Guinea to radio collar tree kangaroos. No place is too far to go to attract animals' stories around the globe to adults and children.

Th author of the national bestseller, The fantastic Good Pig, as well as 15 other renowned nonfiction novels, Montgomery writes for printing as well as broadcast in an effort to reach as broad an audience as possible at what she considers that a critical turning point in human history. "We're on the cusp of either ruining this candy, green Earth or revolutionizing the way we understand the remainder of animate generation," she says. "It's a significant time to be referring to the connections we share with all our fellow creatures. It is a wonderful time to be living."

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