The Best Sweets Vampire Fangs - July 2021

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Kiss Kiss Fang Fang A Sucky Vampire Romantic Comedy product image


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Nectar The Complete Dark Vampire Romance Trilogy Books 1 2 3 product image


Vampires Don t Give Hickeys The Slayer s Reverse Harem Book 1 product image

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Venom Vanilla Trilogy Book ebook product image


Fur and Fangs Volume 1 10 product image


Fangs and Fennel The Venom Trilogy Book 2 product image


Warriors Promise Children Paranormal Romance ebook product image


Summer Nights BEWITCHED CHOCOLATE Mysteries ebook product image

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I. T. Lucas

I.T. Lucas is the bestselling Writer of the Children of the Rings Collection.

A voracious reader, her interests run the gamut from dream, literary, and paranormal love, to forays into the mythologies and histories of ancient civilizations, philosophy, the character of the world - physical and metaphysical, and much more.

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H.Y. Hanna

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H.Y. ("Hsin-Yi"). Hanna is an award-winning mystery author and the author of the bestselling Oxford Tearoom Mysteries. After graduating from Oxford University, Hsin-Yi tried her hands in various jobs, before returning to her first love: writing. She was employed as a freelance journalist for several years, together with articles and short stories published in the UK, Australia and NZ, and has won awards for her novels, poetry, short stories and journalism.

A globe-trotter all of her lifetime, Hsin-Yi has lived in many different cultures, from London to Dubai, Auckland into New Jersey, but is now happily settled in Perth, Western Australia, together with her husband and a rescue kitty called Muesli. You can learn more about her novels (and the real life Honey and Muesli who inspired the characters from the tales) at:

Dark, Witch & Creamy (Book 1)
Witch Chocolate Fudge (Book two)
Witch Summer Night's Cream (Book 3)

All-Butter ShortDead (Prequel)
A Scone To Die For (Publication 1)
Tea with Milk and Murder (Publication two)
Two Away, Bun To Go (Publication 3)
Until Death Do Us Tart (Book 4)
Muffins and Mourning Tea (Book 5)
Four Puddings and a Funeral (Book 6)

The TENDER Mysteries:
Tender Deceit (Novel 1)
Tender Treachery (Book 2)
Tender Betrayal (Book 3)

BIG HONEY DOG MYSTERIES ~ middle tier mystery experience for animal fans
Curse of the Scarab (Book 1)
A Secret in Time (Book 2)
HOLIDAY Mysteries Collection (Halloween, Christmas & Easter mini-mysteries)

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