The Best Tea Tree Roll On - October 2022

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Organic Tree Roll Essential Rollerball product image


doTERRA Melaleuca Touch 10 mL product image


Plant Therapy Pre Diluted Therapeutic Fractionated product image


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Woolzies Tea Tree Roll On Essential Oil Blend Pre diluted with Almond Oil Glass Bottle With product image


Tea Tree Essential Oil Roll product image


Lafes Roll Deodorant Coriander Ounce product image


Lafe s Extra Strength Coriander Tea Tree Roll On Aluminum Free Natural Deodorant for Women Men product image


Wild Pre Diluted Therapeutic Antifungal Antiseptic product image


Tea Tree Essential Oil Roll On 10 ml 100 Pure Pre Diluted Therapeutic Grade Rollerball Extract product image


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Classics Essential Oil Roller Set product image

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Our fire is found in creating personal care goods for everyday use, to encourage wellbeing and wellness.Here in Lafe's we believe in enabling our consumers with superior choices in baby, body, and haircare products.

We are committed to higher standards: certified organic ingredients - safer, healthier packaging that is free of endocrine disrupting chemicals such as phthalates and BPA.Toxic ingredients are, regrettably, all too commonly found in skincare and haircare products today. A few of the ingredients that you won't find in some of our goods include: propylene glycol, VOC's (synthetic fragrances), parabens (artificial additives), PEG Compounds, mineral oil or anything else derived from oil. (See Lafe's "Toxic Ten" - Ingredients to Avoid)Lafe's believes in giving back, plain and simple. 1 percent of our firm's profits go to support groups that work to eliminate the environmental causes of breast cancer.

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Healing Solutions supplies High Quality Oils with the Largest Selection from the World Guaranteed

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