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Sally Huss

"Bright and happy," "bright and light" have been the catch phrases connected to the writing and art of Sally Huss for over 30 decades. Sweet images dance across all of Sally's creations, whether in the kind of children's books, paintings, wallpaper, ceramics, infant bibs, greeting cards, handbags, clothes, or her King Attributes Syndicated newspaper panel "Happy Musings."

Before graduating from USC with a degree in Fine Art in the 60's, Sally had already become a champion tennis player, having won the Wimbledon and U.S. Junior titles and turned into a Wimbledon semi-finalist at the Women's Division at both singles and doubles. Throughout her tennis relations she finished up working in television for Ralph Story, and after that in movie for Samuel Goldwyn, Jr.. Finally, she transitioned into conducting Paul Simon’s music publishing company, Charing Cross at Beverly Hills.

Maintaining her palms on her tennis rackets, together with her brushes and pen, Sally operated in 2 arenas. She created a special process of teaching and playing tennis centered on comfort. It was exceptionally embraced by creative people of all kinds and her roster of pupils added: Larry Hagman, Joel Grey, Barbra Streisand, Jill St. John, Helen Reddy, Milos Forman, Jack Jones. She eventually wrote a book with this “Zen-like” strategy endorsed by Billie Jean King, Mary Carrillo, along with Dick Enberg.

Together with her husband Marv Huss, former head of Advertising and Promotion for Hallmark Cards, they developed the famous Aspen Club at Colorado, a luxurious health spa and tennis facility.
Returning to California at the 80’therefore, the Husses embarked in constructing a series of 26 Sally Huss Galleries throughout the nation (also a single in Switzerland and the next in Tokyo) offering Sally's art, writings, along with accredited products.Through the galleries, Sally's creations have found their way into millions of workplaces, hotels, and houses, including the ones of Clint Eastwood, Kirk

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Suzanna McGee

Could you imagine giving up the home, connection, career and nation to venture into the unknown, in pursuit of your personal vision?

Suzanna McGee did just that if she transferred to Venice Beach, California in June of 1996. After getting her Masters the beauty moved to Sweden in 1988 and was born.

Once in Sweden, the multi-faceted (she speaks six languages) Suzanna completed another Pros, in Computer Science and started lecturing at the university level. In between lectures, she became a fitness trainer and recognized that training and fitness would develop into a complete time profession.

A brief trip to Venice during the summer of 1995 proved to be more than a simple vacation. It made Suzanna realize that she wished to live close to sunlight and sea to pursue a travel towards a healthy body and a balanced mind. After quitting her job, selling her home and possessions and ending her relationships, Suzanna moved into Venice Beach. She came with a mountain bicycle plus a single bagrather than knowing a soul and not speaking the language.

After in Los Angeles, Suzanna immediately learned English and began personal training in Marina Del Rey. She joined the Gold’s concentrated on training, nutrition, and rollerskate dance and Gym in Venice. In 1997, she started to compete in a few physical fitness contests in which she performed her regular.

Suzanna’s muscle and height frame directed people to suggest that she attempt amateur bodybuilding. She entered a competition, which she found very exciting and rose to the challenge. Back in 1998, she collaborated in 19 competitions and gained a large quantity of point experience. By the year 2002, she had gathered 60 bodybuilding and rollerskate dancing decorations, teeming with all the Ms. Natural Olympia world championship title in 1999.

Suzanna’s love of functionality also l

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