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Robert Cope MD

Dr. Robert Cope Started his Practice in Adult and Pediatric Urology in St. George, Utah in 1991 after Finishing his Urologic / Surgical Residency at the University of Utah School of Medicine.

He obtained his MD from the University of Utah and his undergraduate studies have been completed at Brigham Young University. He has conducted research about Kidney Stone Disease and Congenital Abnormalities, presenting papers at National Meetings and Publishing in Urologic Journals.

He's gathered extensive expertise in all areas of Urology, having practiced for at least 24 decades. Some of the areas of particular interest includes cancers of the urinary organs, problems concerning aging, and hormonal imbalances. He is Certified by the National Board of Urology.

He and his wife Tammy are the parents of 5 children, and the grandparents of 10 grandchildren. He loves family, friends, sports, and outdoor activities, especially hiking and biking in the mountains of Southern Utah.

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J.M. Swartz M.D.

J.M. Swartz M.D. specializes in hormones and aging. Many hormone issues stem from aging. He handles such hormones and aging issues with proper hormone replacement for each individual, male or female.

Hormones and aging are confronted by everyone of us sooner or later. Dr. Swartz reminds us that lots of people also have been harmed by the inherent strain of living within our society, as well as from environmental pollution and toxins. Every one of these worries harm our hormones.

Hormones and aging are a frequent reason that people seek medical intervention. Let’therefore take a brief look at just how Dr. Joe helps individuals to come back to health when they have issues with aging and hormones and hormones that were influenced by stress and toxicity.

The operation of each endocrine gland has to be analyzed and then helped to return to optimum functioning. Of particular concern are the functioning of the sexual hormones, the thyroid gland, as well as the adrenals.

Dr. Joe thinks that everyone has the right to function at optimal hormone levels, not just for their era, but optimally as a human being. Restoring hormonal balance is crucial to pleasure, well-being, and awareness of purpose and belonging to the world.

First and foremost, he also highlights the need to cleanse you’s tissues of toxicity. Helpful detoxification methods consist of homeopathic detox, cleansing diet, juice fasting in the event the individual’s health issues may allow it, gall bladder and liver flushes, coffee enemas, removal of ingestion of food allergens, and far infrared saunas, heavy metal detox such as chelation, use of nutritional supplements that remove toxins, and bodywork, and exercise.

The first endocrine organs that have to be addressed are the adrenals. Until the endocrine organs might be dealt with, the adrenals needs to be functioning. The individual must strain to an acceptable level,

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