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Joseph Duncan

With nearly a thousand positive testimonials and many #1 best sellers in their class, Joseph Duncan is still one of the most highly acclaimed Cartoon writers on Born and raised in Southern Illinois, Joseph owned his own business for ten years and was employed as a landscaper. His first book, The Oldest Living Vampire Tells All, was a surprise hit, and allowed Joseph to become a full time author. He has since generated over 13 more novels and lots of short stories, several of that frequently inhabit the best seller charts on Joseph was given a publishing contract but turned it down, preferring instead to operate. His horror and fantasy books have been favorably than the fiction of genre masters like Dean Koontz, Stephen King and Anne Rice, and are praised for interesting wordplay, their lush descriptions and creativity. Joseph was a continuing best seller in 2010 since his debut although many viewers have found his works hard because of their subversive violence and violence. If you'd like to contact Mr. Duncan, you can do so at You may also "buddy" him on Facebook, or see his (sporadically updated) website Red Ramblings.

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Sabrina Paige

Wall Street Journal Bestselling author Sabrina Paige writes about smart, sexy, sassy women and hot, possessive alpha men. She especially enjoys writing about hate-to-love connections and enjoys funny, ridiculous, over-the-top scenarios in her books. She's had three books hit #1 at the overall Amazon Kindle store: Prince Albert (November 2015), Tackled (March 2016), and Killian (May 2016). Prick, Tool, Cannon, Luke, along with Dual Team have been Top 10 Amazon Kindle Bestsellers, and Elias and Saving Axe have been Top 20 Bestsellers.

She has found her own happily ever after with her active duty military husband and cute girl.

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Nola Cancel

For as long as I can remember, I needed to write. Not merely because it was cathartic and allow me to exorcise a few of my own demons, but since I've always felt that I could touch people with my words the exact same way some of my favorite authors (ie. Anne Rice, JRR Tolkien, Stephen King, JK Rowling, and Neil Gaiman) have touched me.
My travel has taken me a little off the beaten track, writing for internet providers and publishing in magazines when I could, but it has caused me here where I aspire to print books that all people can find some joy in.
For an ex-pat New Yorker, languishing at the warmth and humidity using a self-imposed exile at Largo, Fl., I hope you enjoy what I bring for you and that, perhaps, one day you will be motivated to do the same.
By the way, I'm not an English Bulldog, but possess the cutest one in the world . . .and what is worse, he understands it.

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Anne Rice

Anne Rice was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. She holds a Master of Arts Degree in English and Creative Writing from San Francisco State University, as well as an Associate's Degree in Political Science. Anne has spent more of her entire life than in New Orleans, but New Orleans is her home and gives the back drop Famous novels. The French Quarter supplied the setting for her first novel, Interview with the Vampire. And her ante-bellum home in the Garden District Was the fictional house of her imaginary Mayfair Witches.

She is the author of over 30 novels, most recently the Toby O'Dare novels Of Love and Evil, and Angel Time; the memoir, Called from Darkness;and her two books concerning Jesus, Christ the Lord the Lord: The Road to Cana. (Anne regards Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana as her best novel.) -- Under the pen name, A.N. Roquelaure, Anne is the author of the erotic (BDSM) vision series, '' The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy. Under the pen name Anne Rampling she is the author of two erotic novels.

Anne openly broke with organized religion in July of 2010 on moral grounds, affirming her faith in God, but refusing any more to be called "Christian." The narrative attracted surprising media focus, with Rice's remarks being quoted all over the world. Anne surpass her difficulties with religion and expects that her two novels about Jesus is going to be approved on their merits by viewers. "Both my Christ that the Lord books were written with deep conviction and a desire to compose the best novels possible about Jesus that were rooted in the bible and from the Christian tradition. I believe they are among the best novels I've ever been able to compose, and that I really do dream of a day when they are evaluated with no link to me. I continue to get a lot of very positive

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