The Best Things To Help You Sleep - November 2019

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Lighting Science GoodNight Sleep Promoting product image


Moisturizer Hyaluronic Hydration Repairing Preventing product image


Dream Water Natural MELATONIN Snoozeberry product image


Top Choice
Bath Body Works Aromatherapy Fragrance product image




VINTAGE BLISS Melatonin Sleep Supplement product image


Best Seller
Munchkin Lulla Vibe Vibrating Mattress Pad product image


Nordic Naturals Vitamin D3 5000 product image


ORIGINAL Sheet Suspenders fastener featured product image


Nordic Naturals Vitamin Healthy Function product image

Top Things To Help You Sleep Brands

Pure Bliss

If it has to do with our goods, our integrity and your safety is more important than our base line. We refuse to work with ingredients which, while they're considered safe by industry norms, have been demonstrated to cause damage. By way of example, Polysorbate 20 is a component that is used in hundreds, if not tens of thousands of goods from the beauty and skincare industry. Polysorbate 20 is very likely to be infected with something known as dioxane 1,4 that's a known carcinogen. It is considered safe in low degrees from the FDA (less than 10 parts per thousand). However, we feel that no levels are acceptable, particularly in a product that you are going to be using or putting on your skin EVERY day. So we select our ingredients and materials very carefully.

In Pure Bliss, we are going to get an perfect here: not just safe, but powerful, eco friendly, amazing, convenient, and economical merchandise -- everybody should have this. We thought of all the attributes we and everybody else will need in a fantasy brand -- posh style, efficacy, complete security, convenience, affordability -- all wrapped up with extraordinary support and tied with a bow of ethics. And if we are not perfect, we're working with it! We're continuously exploring ways to make our products better, more natural, much more sustainable. We welcome your thoughts, questions and feedback.

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Old School Labs

At Old School Labs of California, we grew tired with the status quo of finely produced, mass-marketed nutritional supplements. We guessed it, refused it, and decided to do something about it. We're proud that our assignment to produce uncompromising, high supplements has deeply resonated with so lots of men and women, but we'll never take victory for granted or slow down our attempts to change the tide of an whole industry.

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