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G.H. Meiser & Co., founded in 1906, has a long history of excellent production in the tire gauge and accessory discipline. Known for their place on accuracy and rugged construction, the line of bicycle gauges is a standout in an field. All of our goods arrive backed with our standard lifetime warranty, if it be for replacement parts, or complete recalibration.

Situated in Posen IL, G.H. Meiser & Co. produces, distributes, evaluations, assembles, and services the finest high quality tire indicators in the business.

All of our dial tire indicators are ANSI Commercial Grade B gauges (satisfies ANSI B40.1 Grade B specifications). Unlike piston-plunger-type gauges, changes in temperature, humidity, altitude or air flow contaminants not affect the tube movement.

The precision evaluation is ± 2% by 30% to 60 percent of scale and ± 3% under 30% and over 60%.

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Launched in 1974, Custom Accessories has emerged as the leader at the Automotive Aftermarket Accessory marketplace. We offer clients with an amazing combination of quality products, exceptional service backed by strong sales and thorough merchandising support. Whether You're in the market to get Interior Car Accessories, Exterior Car Accessories, Car Organization, Battery Care, Sunshades, and many other car care classes, CUSTOM ACCESSORIES, has got the answer.

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