The Best Toddler Bike Unisex - September 2020

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Top Toddler Bike Unisex Brands

Radio Flyer

A American Idol For 100 Years

The same as our first red lane, the Radio Flyer manufacturer has become an American icon. It began with a classic tale of humble beginnings, at which Antonio Pasin was in search for a better life, and came to America where he discovered his calling. Not only did he find a better life for himself, but his dreams put a grin on the face of millions of children across the country.

For 100 years, numerous voyages of childhood dream have been established using Radio Flyer toys. Their beauty, simplicity, and criteria of safety encourage adventure, discovery, and catch the wonders of youth. Antonio created a legacy of toys which continue to ignite the creativity, as Radio Flyer is rediscovered with each new generation.

With a solid commitment to producing the very best childhood adventures, we are creating tomorrow's innovative toys with the same classic quality, and feel of outside, active play which were our trademarks from the start.

Radio Flyer is dedicated to bringing smiles and warm memories that last a lifetime, and we are proud to become a classic symbol of childhood freedom.

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There once was a hugely enjoyable little boy fish swimming the seas of youth. This little guy was so cool, that his friends called him "Chill" instead of Bill. He really was not the prettiest of all, however his fun attitude made up for all of that. This made him first choice for its insanely beautiful woman fish known as "Bella". She was so pretty that her lack of creativity and pleasure was all forgotten the minute you looked on her eyes. Chill and Bella really made a fantastic couple and shortly their firstborn was there. This little guy had the looks of his mom along with the fun mindset of his dad. It was the perfect combination and thus he called him "Chilla".

The little Chillafish shortly grew up and went to school to learn how to create more Chillafish with all of his own qualities: fun, playful, amazing. Following a few years of experience he spoke to some large fish investors on his plans to bring the Chillafish worth into the broad world around, therefore all children in and outside the water could enjoy playing how that they deserve!

Together they put up The CHILLAFISH Company, with a determination to deliver the Chillafish values to the wide world. The company motto is still quite straightforward and only says what we are: we are play innovation! The CHILLAFISH Company was set in 2011 with original product introductions in stores from mid 2012... and now we have not stopped growing since then!

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As a boy, Ryan McFarland (Inventor, Founder, President, CEO, and Chief Enthusiast) developed a passion for riding dirt bikes and mountain bikes; his Dad owned a Yamaha Automobile and Hurried dirt bikes himself.     These hours that Ryan spent rising up in his dad's shop, surrounded by the magic sensory overload that driving supplies, Caused a passion that he desired to pass on to his children.    

When Ryan McFarland saw his enthusiastic son, Bode, of just 20 pounds struggle with the weight and elegance of some so-called "children's bicycle," his excitement quickly turned to frustration. Yet, his passion for riding and passion for spending time with his loved ones and teaching them to ride was higher.     So, he took the bike and started cutting, grinding, and unbolting every bit of non-essential weight that he could find. After he got to the drive train, which contains the pedals, cranks, bearings, chain, and sprockets, he learns the best way to make it lighter and more eventually made a decision to eliminate it completely  Having a few more cuts and welds, he also managed to maneuver down the framework further to decrease the middle of gravity and increase stability. Suddenly his small boy using a 12" inseam can sit on the bicycle with both feet solidly on the ground. He knew walking would be the simplest and most natural approach to propel the bicycle for his son and that's exacly what small Bode did without a second thought.

The result was the Strider Balance Bike, making learning how to ride so simple that the announcement, "When they could walk, they could ride" turned into a reality.     With his son now able to share in the delight of riding, both the lifetime skill and purposeful bond Was Made.     Now Team Strider is right here for you too, so grown into one of the early adopters that change the design of how your child learns to ride and establish a new benchmark for how young children explore the entire world on two wheels.

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When you ask around everyone will know the name, Schwinn. That is because it had been created in 1895 and retains the claim to America's oldest bike brand. We are not speaking old, as in dusty and crusty, we're talking older as in educated, reliable, tried and true. The brand that you need to be on the lookout for whenever you're looking for a fantastic bike or accessory which can go the distance with you. From children's cycles built with SmartStart to laid back cruisers blessed with Upright Comfort, pumps, helmets, seats, bike trailers, tricycles and so much more. Schwinn is the pioneer in biking enjoyment for everyone.  

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