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Welcome to SmartGames! Our games challenge single players - or many players in collaboration - to solve challenges designed for kids as young as two years old right up into the cleverest adults.  

SmartGames contains various match kinds, such as games that are fantastic for travel and a robust preschool line.  

Each of SmartGames also contain a COGNITIVE SKILL analysis. More than simply a different stem postage, our matches tell you that skills are called on to fix challenges.

We hope you enjoy SmartGames!

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It was a risk to start a company in an empty factory building in April, 1938 in uncertain times and also restricted capital. But Eugen Habermaaß has been willing to take this risk. Using vision, a strong will, and perseverance, he lead his company safely though the Second World War and the subsequent occupation. Back in 1955, Eugen Habermaaß passed away rather suddenly at the age of 53.     Though his wife Luise Habermaaß had been helping out at the firm for a number of years, her next step took a whole lot of courage: the mom of four took the helm without any formal instruction in business or engineering. Her sense of social responsibility towards the business's workers back then is 1 reason the company is still in life. Today, her son Klaus Habermaaß will be the managing director of their corporate household that he continues to lead with an unmistakable sense of market and product development and social & environmental responsibility.
It all began with finely polished, vibrant wooden toys which were "finely sanded and polished wonderfully smooth, simply appropriate for tender children's hands," as the 1939 catalogue emphasized. Today these cubes are still a part of our product palate. However, the factory for fine wooden toys was transformed into "the manufacturer of inventive playthings for inquisitive minds." Games, lavish, room decor, puppets and dolls and even more.     All have something in common: Our attention to detail makes every item special and unique.  

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