The Best Trolling Squid - November 2020

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Mold Craft Scaled Squid 5 Pack product image


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Luengo Multicolour Plastic Trolling Saltwater product image


Blue Water Candy 4 5 Inch Tandem product image


Best Value
Boone Trolling Chartreuse Orange 6 Inch product image


Goture Luminous Fishing Trolling Skirts product image


kmucutie Octopus Saltwater trolling Fishing product image


Multicolor Octopus Trolling Fishing Saltwater product image


Best Seller
kmucutie Dolphin Trolling included trolling product image


Boone Trolling Silver Stripes 6 Inch product image


kmucutie 6 5inch 6pieces Trolling Dolphin product image

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Boone Bait Company has been started in 1951 from Don Boone and Sandy Showalter. Sandy became the sole owner of the company in 1956. Peter Foley purchased half of the company1983. Peter says "Sandy was a sensational partner, you couldn't ask for a better one." Peter's daughter; T.L., became full time in 1983. Toni Foley, Peter's wife, and Meghan, Peter's other girl, also assist by regularly attending trade shows and seeing clients both in the home and at the 70 nations where Boone baits are sold.

In 2004 David Workman, world renown and record-holder in competitive fishing, designed a lineup for King Fish baits and added fish bags and accessories to the Boone line.

Peter has served in our industry trade association for as long it has changed its name twice and has proceeded places several times. We are passing along our love of the company and our business. If you see our 17,000 square foot carpeted warehouse at Winter Park, FL you will hear and see that our seven grandchildren running around when college is not in session and you will be warmly welcomed by our team and our shop dog Rosie.

We think that fishing is really so much pleasure and a healthy outdoor sport for many ages. Our lures have captured untold numbers and species of all fish of all sizes all over the world. Our family is proud of the part we have been permitted to play in the development and enjoyment of the beautiful game fishing lifestyle.

We take pride in our capability to ship to you on time. We anticipate another exciting year in the tackle business.

With regards to

Toni, T.L., Meghan & Peter!

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