The Best Truss Stand System - October 2021

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Mobile Length Portable Lighting System product image


Griffin Trussing Equipment Extension Performance product image


Triangle Griffin Trussing Speakers Equipment product image


Top Choice Best Value
MR DJ LS500 8FT Portable PRO Audio PA DJ Light Lighting Stage Fixture Truss Stand with T Bar product image


GRIFFIN Crank Lighting Truss Stands T Adapter Bar DJ Booth Trussing System for Light Cans Speakers product image


CedarsLink Portable Lighting Trussing System product image


Stage LS7730 Lighting Stand Truss product image


Odyssey LTMTS8 Portable Lighting Package product image


Talent LST1 10 ft Wide DJ Portable Truss Lighting Stand Stage Trussing System with Light T Bars product image


Mr Dj 10 Feet Portable DJ Lighting Truss Stand Trussing System with Dual Tripod Stand and T product image

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Innovators of the finest musical instrument and microphone stands for 31 decades, The Music People! Inc. has been one of the country's leading providers of microphones and pro audio gear. The Music People! Inc. also owns and produces On-Stage Stands support stands. Founded on a promise of affordability, innovation and durability, On-Stage Stands products are used everyday in studios, showrooms, and also on stages everywhere. Over the years, the brand has grown to include more than 300 products in 8 distinct categories: Guitar, Microphone, Keyboard, Workstation, Rack/Amp/Mixer, Speaker, Lighting, and Band & Orchestra. In each class On-Stage Stands has become a leader, changing the way musicians display, service, and protect their prized instruments and gear. Today, amateurs and professionals all over the world place their faith in On-Stage Stands.

We've been blessed to establish quite close relationships with the most successful music retailers in the market. We've listened closely to these customers, and they've helped us build products that satisfy the greatest needs in the industry. Jim Hennessey along with his group of product designers and project coordinators are still produce some of the industry's most advanced accessories and stands. Lots of the products and attributes that are now so widely utilised in music and equipment stands were initially developed at TMP: The first dual and triple guitar stands, quick-disconnect weighted microphone stands, speaker stand bending pins... the list continues on and will continue to proceed in the years ahead. We have a lengthy history of using new high-volume goods and enhancing existing ones, optimizing portability, which makes them function better, last longer, and cost less.

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