The Best Ukuleles With Designs - January 2020

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Best Value
Heavensound Qte Concert Instruments Mahogany product image


Top Choice
Makanu Concert Ukulele Spruce Professional product image


MUSIC FIRST Soprano Strawberry Original product image


CLOUDMUSIC Design Ukulele Case Concert product image


Kala Soprano Ukulele Strings Cleaning product image


MUSIC FIRST Soprano Ukulele Original product image


Best Seller
HOT SEAL Leather Handles Colorful product image


CLOUDMUSIC Hawaiian Ukulele Vintage Backpack product image


WINZZ Mahogany Plywood Soprano Concert product image


Luna AR2 Soprano Dragon Ukulele product image

Top Ukuleles With Designs Brands

Luna Guitars

Luna includes a narrative...and everybody loves a story!Headed by stained glass artist Yvonne de Villiers, Luna Guitars is aLatina-founded firm with an intriguing history, dependent on both a mother-daughter connection as well as a visual artist asking the question, 'what does the guitar, like a thing, mean to the player who loves it?

Luna clients feel a strong link to the brand.   Beyond our tools, what's fueled Luna's growth is a personal link with our players -- whom we fondly refer to as the Luna Tribe.Customers wish to feel heard. Now more than ever, they want to invest their money on a new that promotes private connection... where they feel there is a real man behind the brand.Every letter gets a personal reply from Luna's creator, Yvonne de Villiers, plus she regularly speaks into the Luna Tribe through Facebook and through newsletters and sites. By being both accessible and reactive, Yvonne has helped nurture a passionate and growing client base.

Luna tools are unique in the industry.   We use traditional luthier technology in new ways, from ourground-breaking laser etching to the advanced inlay designs thatgrace our audio pockets, and at times trail onto the lower bout.Symbols utilized on Luna tools are equally universal and authentic,with layers of high-definition significance. Our use of symbolism allowseach player to forge an emotional connection with their instrument.

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