The Best Undies Book - July 2021

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Best Value
Doctor Grundy s Undies From the Cheeky Creators of I Need a New Butt product image


Seagull Sid and the Naughty Things His Seagulls Did From the Cheeky Creators of I Need a New product image


Top Choice
I Broke My Butt The Cheeky Sequel to the International Bestseller I Need a New Butt product image


Big Boy Underpants Fran Manushkin product image


Big Girl Undies Karen Katz product image


Big Boy Undies Karen Katz product image


Best Seller
Santa s Underwear product image


Star Trek Cocktails A Stellar Compendium product image


Big Girl Panties Fran Manushkin product image


Potty Book Girls Hannah Henry product image

Top Undies Book Brands

Candlewick Press

Candlewick Press is an independent publisher based in Somerville, Massachusetts. For at least twenty-five years, Candlewick has printed outstanding children’s books to readers of all ages, including books by award-winning writers and illustrators such as the National Ambassador for Young People's Literature emeritus Kate DiCamillo, M. T. Anderson, Jon Klassen, and Laura Amy Schlitz; the most widely acclaimed Judy Moody, Mercy Watson, also ’Ology show; along with favorites like Guess How Much I Love You, Who’s Waldo? , and Maisy. Candlewick a Part of the Walker Books Group, collectively with Walker Books U.K. at London along with Walker Books Australia.
As a portion of Walker Books Group, Candlewick Press appreciates a special ownership structure that includes more than a hundred employees within our US office, staff in our sister businesses, Walker Books of both London along with Walker Books Australia, and over 150 writers and illustrators.

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Fran Manushkin

I’ve been writing #x 2019 & children;s books because forever! (Really, 1972.) I like my job, also I’m Especially pleased with my Katie Woo series that is 40-book: the first easy to read chapter books which star an Asian kid.
Today Katie’s friend Pedro Has his very own 4-book show: Pedro For President, Pedro Functions Buggy, Pedro’s Mystery Club, also Pedro’s Big Goal. All four of those stories can also be read in one volume. Two additional Pedro novels are arriving from January: Pedro and the Shark and also Pirate Pedro.

I’m also the writer of “Happy In Our SkinCare,” a resilient, rhyming tribute to skin and to diverse households. School Library Journal calls #x 201c, it &;a beautiful story. ” It is in its third printing: exciting and came out a year ago!

My other publications incorporate the bathroom training board publications, Big Girl Panties and Big Boy Underpants. They work! Big Girl Panties has over 500 passionate writer reviews! Major Boy Underpants just came out and has already been reprinted.

My other books include the hot Big Sisters would be the Very Best and Big Brothers would be the Very Best.

To find out more about all of the Katie Woo books, check this site for information and free downloadables:

I really like to perform Skype or school visits and can be reached through my I on Facebook and Twitter.

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Leslie Patricelli

"My Grandma was a pastel artist also, for so long as I could remember, an artist is what I wanted to become too," says children's author and illustrator Leslie Patricelli. "My hobby as a kid was drawing cartoons and writing stories, and I started to think about a career in art in seventh tier. After the multiple choice profession test I took led to a recommendation that I pursue a career in forestry, I went back and changed all my answers, so it was advocated instead that I pursue graphic style, which was the closest point to children's book writer or cartoonist on the listing."

Nowadays, Leslie Patricelli's legions of supporters will be proof that profession tests are not always dependable. Her vibrant trio of board novels about opposites -- YUMMY YUCKY, BIG LITTLE, and QUIET LOUD -- follows a diapered protagonist as he finds some curious contradictions, for example "ladies are big" while "ladybugs are small." Her inspiration for the series came from her son Beck who, at one year old, "was constantly putting everything into his mouth." Says the author, "I found myself saying 'Yummy!' And 'Yucky!' all the time. I began to draw a baby radically expressing his preference or distaste for those things he was ingesting. The idea of how YUMMY YUCKY was born!"

Her additional toddler publications in the collection, BINKY, BLANKIE, NO NO YES YES, BABY HAPPY BABY SAD, along with her latest novels -- TUBBY AND POTTY, were also predicated on her parenting adventures. "I'm inspired by how enthusiastic toddlers really are," she states. "I really like the way they're so tremendously focused on matters, and exhibit such intense emotions. It's simple to see the things that they care about the most."

Leslie Patricelli's beloved infant character jumped to star in his initial full-length picture book, THE BIRTHDAY BOX. She notes "I’t saw my children transform boxes into automobiles, boats, spaceshipsand hospital beds

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Karen Katz

Take a look at my newest novel WIGGLE YOUR TOES! A Book to Bring,fluff, and wiggle!

I've always been interested in folk art from all around the Earth, Indian miniatures, Mexican ceramics, fabrics, Chagall, Matisse, children's art, and primitive painting, and that I love to paint and experiment with layout, texturecolour, font and color. The professions I've had--like a costume designer, a quilt maker, a fabric artist, and a graphic designer--'ve obtained all these interests into consideration. Looking back, I could see that these passions and career options have played a massive role in influencing me to turn into a children's book author and illustrator.

However, most of all, it was following my husband and I adopted our daughter from Guatemala that I had been inspired to perform a children's novel for her. My very first book, On the Moon, was the story of the magical encounter of welcoming our daughter Lena in our own lives. I painted, and I drew, I collaged, and that I wrote, and after working very hard... a beautiful novel was born! Twenty-two books afterwards, my daughter--now two years old--is still an inspiration for me personally.

I'm fascinated by babies and small children. The easiest words and gestures will make them laugh. Occasionally standing in line at the grocery store and watching children in grocery store shelves, my best thoughts are born.

I am fascinated by people from all around the world and what they look like and how they reside and also the differences which make us all unique.

Once an idea pops into my head I ask these questions:
Can a child wish to read this book?
Can a parent want to read this novel with their child?
Can this book make a parent and child feel something?
Is there something visual here which will hold a child's interest?
Will a child see a thing in another manner after reading this book?
When the answer is yes, then I know I am on the perfect path.

I am very blessed to have to do what I d

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