The Best Unlimited Thriller Novels - December 2020

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Christopher Greyson

Christopher Greyson is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author of mystery, action, and thriller novels. His acclaimed Detective Jack Stratton Series has been read by over a million readers and counting. This action-packed series has a broad appeal, finding favor with mystery, thriller, and romance readers alike. The series comprises Girl Jacked, Jack Knifed, Jacks Are Wild, Jack and the Giant Killer, and Data Jack. And Then She Was Gone, the next new publication, premiered October 1st, 2016 with Jack of Hearts to follow. Christopher Greyson has also penned the prosperous epic dream Pure of Heart.

Greyson's love of puzzle and experience started with his grandfather, a World War I decorated hero. He will never forget being introduced into his grandfather's buddy, a WWI pilot who flew across the heavens in precisely the same time as the feared legendary Red Baron. Since he had been a tiny boy, Christopher Greyson dreamed of exactly what mystery was around another corner, or quest lay over the mountain. If he could not locate an adventure, one generally found him! Now he illuminates those tales into his stories.

Christopher Greyson's educational foundation is an eclectic combination of levels in Computer Science, Theatre and Communications. He resides in Massachusetts with his beautiful wife, Katherine Greyson, author of the bestselling romance-mystery series Everybody Keeps Secrets and their two lovely children, Laura and Christopher.

Please visit, in which you are able to message Christopher Greyson. He enjoys hearing from his readers. Subscribe to his newsletter, combine at the Detective Jack Stratton conversation on the website, get into the giveaways and win prizes like a HD Kindle Fire Tablet! Follow Detective Jack Stratton on Twitter @chris_greyson along with Facebook

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C.M. Sutter

C.M. Sutter was created in San Jose, California and divide time between the bright California coast and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As a senior in high school, she picked Wisconsin because of her permanent address.
Years of progression took her from operating in massive businesses, to twelve years since a massage therapist, and ultimately to owning a corporation. She has been self explanatory for almost twenty years.
Ms. Sutter has been writing and self-publishing for 3 years with eleven names printed in another genre. Due to her deep fascination for crime and thriller novels, she has recently taken up writing in the authorities procedural/crime thriller genre. Her latest series focuses on the life span of Sergeant Jade Monroe, a detective in the sheriff's section of a fictitious Wisconsin town. Jade has significantly more crimes to solve and murderers to apprehend than many detectives, but she is a hard cop and gets the job done.
Ms. Sutter is a world traveler including hot-air ballooning around Italy. Her awareness of wanderlust fits nicely with producing locations for her novels. When her schedule allows, you will find her in a plane, likely writing and flying at precisely the identical time. She also enjoys visiting her daughter from Arizona and son in Florida. Hiking, bicycling, gardening and producing artwork is high on her list of actions. When time permits, making and painting handmade soaps are just two of her favorite pastimes.

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Dave Stanton

Dave Stanton is the author of five novels in the Dan Reno private eye series. They don't need to be read chronologically to be enjoyed, but for all those who wish to understand, the arrangement is: Stateline, Dying for the Highlife, Speed Metal Blues, Black Ice, and Hard Prejudice.

The Doomsday Girl, book #6 at the Dan Reno show, will be available in mid-2017.

You can Find a free copy of Wrong Turn at Carson, a Dan Reno short story, by registering for Dave’s mailing list at:

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Born in Detroit, Michigan, in 1960, Dave Stanton transferred into Northern California in 1961. He Got a BA in journalism from San Jose State University in 1983. Through the years, he was employed as a bartender, paper advertisements agency, furniture mover, debt collector, along with technology salesman. He's two children, Austin and Haley, and resides with his wife, Heidi, at San Jose, California.

Stanton's five novels all feature private investigator Dan Reno along with his ex-cop friend, Cody Gibbons.


This was 2001, and the bubble was bursting. My timing was bad - a few months past I had left a steady job to work for a "promising" startup which provided more money. As a salesman, I immediately realized the product I hired me to sell was doomed. I drew this conclusion despite claims differently by some clever (and temporarily wealthy) individuals. Like many during that moment, they were sucked into an illusion.

I sat at my cubicle in Silicon Valley, regretful, certain I would be jobless soon. The clients I had been delegated had all considered my proposals and firmly declined. I had nothing to do, and the boredom was killing me. Spontaneously, I started composing.

Three weeks after I was at a new

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