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Claudia Jameson

Hi my name is Claudia Jameson!

This goes out to all of the beautiful men and women, which comprises YOU!

As much as the term is overused, I totally love the "easy thing" in existence. That is a phrase I believe many individuals have noticed, but do not completely take to center. Living is such a relaxing experience! It's wonderful to think of all of the chances the world provides us. Consider the simple truth which you could enjoy time together with friends. Simple idea? Obviously. But spending some time with friends has a lot of facets to it that can't be explained. Comfort, care, heat, enjoyment, fascination, bliss, and freedom to be you, freedom to express yourself... these phrases just scratch the surface. There is a deeper meaning to friendship that most of us know but neglect’t quite know how to describe; a sort of relationship that defies the bounds of phrases.

Think about it! You notice that grassy hill over yonder? If you wanted to, you could run on top of that hill and lay there till the sun sets and the stars emerge. After all, nothing is stopping you. Exploring the boundaries of musical compositions, travel, friendship, love, exploring terrain no man has gone ahead, sailing as far as you can out into the endless ocean... there are infinite opportunities this planet provides. All you need to do is follow your heart and create your own "experience of a lifetime."

When you have not noticed, I sincerely love life. And because of this, I like to do whatever I could to boost a great and wholesome lifestyle. I enjoy caring for my own body, keeping up a wholesome mindset and looking good. I enjoy yoga, growing my own organic veggies, swimming, taking hikes and whatever else that I happen to wish to perform on a whim! I am hoping to share my enthusiasm for life to others. A pursuit, if you will. This Is why I've started to print eBooks: to show others how a healthy life may be achieved and maint

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