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Patrick J. Lynch

Patrick J. Lynch is a writer, illustrator, photographer, and performer. Lynch retired from Yale University after 45 years as an interactive media developer, medical illustrator, biomedical and scientific photographer, television producer, and for the last 30 years a director of media and communications departments, and a designer of interactive multimedia instruction, coaching, and informational software and Web websites.

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Lynch has won over 35 national and worldwide awards for his healthcare illustration, publications, and software design, including a 2012 National Outdoor Book Award, the 2005 Pirelli INTERNETional Awards for Best Overall multimedia instruction site, and best site from high education, the 1992 Best-in-Show Award from the Health Sciences Communications Association along with a Gold Medal, Silver Medal and Award of Excellence in the international INVISION Multimedia Awards.

Lynch has authored and illustrated eight books, and more than 100 professional newspapers, magazine articles, and book chapters. He's been a consultant and invited speaker on website design and web communications problems to a lot of universities, government agencies, corporations, and non-profits classes, and regularly does talks, workshops, and professional papers on communications management, biocommunications, academic computing, medical case, biomedical visualization, and internet strategy and manufacturing management.

In 2017 Yale University Press published his most recent book, "A Field Guide to Long Island Sound," a detailed guide to the ecological history, natural surroundings, plants, and creatures of the Sound.

In 2012 Yale University Press published "A Field Guide to the Southeast Coast & Gulf of Mexico," co-authored with Noble S. Proctor. In 2012 the Guide won the National Outdoor Book Awa

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Indi Young

Indi's work spans several years, by the mid-80's when the desktop metaphor was replacing command line along with menu-based systems, into the mid-90's when the Internet first toddled on the scene, to now, when performers ' intent on crafting great encounters. After 10 years of consulting, Indi founded Adaptive Path with six other partners in 2001, those expecting to spread decent design around the world, making things easier for individuals everywhere. Indi's mental models have helped both start-ups and massive corporations find and support customer behaviours they did not think to explore at first. She's written a book about the mental design method, Mental Designs - aligning style plan with human behaviour, published by Rosenfeld Media. She's now consulting independently, running emotional product workshops, and training.

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James Kalbach

Jim Kalbach is a famous author, speaker, and teacher at design, information architecture, and user experience design. He's currently the Head of Education and Consulting a major whiteboard for digital collaboration, together with MURAL. Formerly, Jim has worked closely with businesses, including Citrix, SONY, Elsevier Science, Lexis Nexis, Audi, and eBay.

Before returning to the US in 2013 after dwelling for ten years in Germany, Jim had been the co-founder of the European Information Architecture conventions. He also co-founded the IA Konferenz series in Germany.

Jim’s plays jazz bass in jam sessions and combos at Jersey City, where his currently lives. In 2007 Jim released his first book, Designing Web Navigation (O’Reilly). His second book, Mapping Experiences (O'Reilly), is due out in 2015. He blogs in and tweets in @jimkalbach

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