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All New Fire HD User Guide product image


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Kindle Fire HD 8 10 Guide The Complete User Guide With Step by Step Instructions Master Your product image


Fire HD Manual for Beginners The Complete Guide to Using the Fire HD for Beginners Seniors New product image


ALL NEW FIRE 7 TABLET USER MANUAL The Illustrated Practical Guide With Tips and Tricks to Master product image


Kindle Fire Owners Manual unlimited ebook product image


KINDLE FIRE HD 8 PLUS USER GUIDE The Ultimate User Manual For Beginners And Pro To Master The product image


Fire HD 10 Tablet Manual product image


Kindle Fire HD 10 Tablet User Manual The 2021 Ultimate User Guide for Beginners to Expert with product image


AMAZON KINDLE FIRE HD 8 10TH GENERATION USER GUIDE A Detailed Manual to Master the Kindle Fire product image

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Edward Jones


Edward Jones is pleased to direct a writing group that is working hard to supply you with the most comprehensive books out there for learning how to efficiently apply your Fire HD or even HDX tablet, Kindle, Kindle PaperwhiteFire or Fire TV. Whether it's fundamentals for the new tablet owner or intricate tasks for the "geeks" out there, you will find what you need to know in our 'made easy' series and also our 'hints, tricks, and seals' series of e-books available through the Amazon shop.

Jones' critically-acclaimed "Tips, Tricks, and Traps" series includes tunes written especially for the Kindle Fire HD, as well as the top notch Kindle Fire HDX, and the Kindle Paperwhite. Other popular books by Mr. Jones comprise the Best 300 Programs for your own Kindle Fire. Directly under this bio, beneath "Novels by Edward Jones," click the "Kindle Books" link to see all the writer's e-books. Jones also produces a free newsletter specializing in this Kindle product line, available through his site at

Mr. Jones takes pride in a ability to compose step-by-step guides which explain complex issues and do this in a clear, understandable way. When he is not writing nonfiction, Mr. Jones loves spending time with all the cats, flying radio-controlled version tanks, and writing about himself in the third person.

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Shelby Johnson

Shelby Johnson is a bestselling Amazon eBook writer who has appeared on the top 20 non-fiction eBooks listing alongside other bestselling authors. Her passions include helping others understand gadgets and technology in a simplified manner. Among her favorite gadgets will be the Kindle Fire HD and Paperwhite e-Reader apparatus.

Ms. Johnson is the author of this popular tech ebooks: "Kindle Fire HD User's Guide Book: Unleash the Power of Your Tablet! ," "Best Kindle Fire HD Apps Guide Book," and "Facebook for Beginners: Navigating the Social Network."

Shelby first started working together with senior citizens at a senior care facility that will help them learn how to use computers such as e-mail and the web. She's also worked as a senior IT project manager for a small business, helping staff to resolve their personal computer and engineering problems, and teaching technologies for various jobs as part of their corporation's business. Presently, Shelby continues to create brand new eBook guides to help everyone from tech novices through more sophisticated Insights people.

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Tom Edwards

Tom Edwards, originally from London, England, settled in Sacramento, California where he met his wife Jenna Edwards. Both operate in the technology business, Tom is a web designer and Jenna is a graphic artistthat they share a passion for tech and adopt all the hottest gadgets using gusto! The reviews of all the apps in their bestselling ebook 250+ Finest Kindle Fire and Fire HD Apps for your New Kindle Fire User were written and researched from Tom and Jenna. Jenna also made the book cover. Aside from exploring new technology, Tom and Jenna love spending time with their kids and cooking for your friends.

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