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Kristine Hughes

Kristine Hughes Patrone has been indulging her interest in British history by making trips to the United Kingdom. Her study trips led her to composing several non books. For the last six decades, Kristine has published a site, Number One London, along with fellow authors and anglophiles Victoria Hinshaw and Louisa Cornell, focusing on all aspects of British history in the period on and in which she frequently posts about her travels throughout the pond. Before launching her own business Kristine created directed classes and tour itineraries to England for traveling firm Novel Explorations for two years. There’s nothing she loves bringing history to life and introducing friends to the marvels of Great Britain.

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Annis Bell

Annis Bell is a writer and scholar. She grew up in Europe but traveled a great deal since youth. Publications and composing stories became her passion. After living and studying for Several Years in the USA and England, Bell grew roots in Germany and also the South of England.
Bell favors the age of Queen Victoria's Reign and loves to research victorian England. One of the favourite spots in London is the Tate Gallery using the paintings of the Pre Raphaelites. And of course she cannot pass a castle or mansion without peeking ...

THE GIRL AT ROSEWOOD HALL is the earliest in the Lady Jane series. The publication follows Lady Jane Allen as she investigates the death of a mysterious girl whom Jane found in the garden of Rosewood Hall. With her last breath, then the kid beseeches Jane to discover another girl, Mary, and also to save her from exactly the same fate she's suffered. Lady Jane promises to meet this final wish, a promise that can entangle her into a dangerous intrigue and shoot her out of the security of home to the hard streets of London. With the faded inscription in a tattered novel as her only physical hint, Jane sets out to look into the region's orphanages and infiltrate London's most elegant houses.

Jane discovers a companion in her newly wed husband, the enigmatic Captain Wescott. A man with many secrets but dedicated to his much too lively spouse. In the drawing rooms of Rosewood Hall to the moors of Devon and the gloomy coasts of Cornwall, her dangerous search takes Jane to gloomy orphanages along with the lavish ambience of Victorian London. Where not everything is as it seems ...

In the next book of this show THE BLACK ORCHID Lady Jane is going to probably be attracted into a mysterious case of murder and betrayal, set in a gloomy state house in Northumberland.

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Ruth Goodman

Ruth Goodman is a historian of social and national life. She has proposed that that the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Globe Theatre and introduced a number of BBC television show. She lives in England.

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