The Best Victorian Historical Romance - October 2020

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Just Carpenter Western Historical Enduring ebook product image


Earls New Identity Regency Renegades ebook product image


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Design Duke Regency Romance Book ebook product image


Teachers Sweet Historical Western Romance ebook product image


Duke Inherits Bride Regency Romance ebook product image


Ultimate Cavalcade Romantic Dukes 12 Book ebook product image


Romance Regency Historical historical Victorian ebook product image


Regency Romance Fire Historical Book ebook product image


Regency Romance Fire Historical Book ebook product image


Romance Regency Historical historical Victorian ebook product image

Top Victorian Historical Romance Brands

Jasmine Ashford

“There's not anything so mortifying as to fall in love with somebody who doesn't share one's sentiments. ” - Georgette Heyer, Venetia

Whenever Jasmine is feeling down, she finds solace with this quote. It was Ms. Georgette Heyer which inspires her to the world of the Regency and Victorian.

Jasmine chose the pen and the rest is now history for her. Back in Jasmine’s stories, you will see how characters that are so complex are actually simple beings waiting to become connected with the Cupid’therefore arrow.

It's simply one of the numerous ways that love can reveal itself?

Jasmine expects that you will find love, solace, and peace in her stories. When she isn't writing, she is loving her cherished time with her loved ones along with her loyal Siberian Husky.

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Bridget Barton

Bridget Barton has been born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas.

She has studied English Literature in college and after a short passage in journalism for a newspaper writer, she awakened her career to that which she always loved: becoming a writer!

She has always been fascinated by rascals, vagabonds, dukes and rogues, so having the chance to write stories about them is a wish come true for the!

Bridget is married to her own prince charming and is now the proud mom of two brothers (and 3 cute kittens) and soon to become a grandma!

She is a hopeless romantic who devours romance literature and of course loves watching love tales of her very own.

When she is not writing, Bridget is relaxing with cooking for her lovely husband, working out and listening to soft music.

Bridget likes to connect with her readers!

If you want to get the latest news on Bridget's releases and also get access to free bonus material, make sure to get in touch with her in her private site:

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Personal Website:

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Emily Reid

I Reside in Gloucestershire, England. I really like the Regency and Victorian eras and love writing stories about that moment.
All my novels have romance as their central subject. I try to make interesting characters, whether they're viscous scoundrels or some lovely hero. You'll find the narrative plots filled with twists and turns and a great deal of conflict.
I hope you enjoy what I write.

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