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Top Viking Fiction Brands

Dr. Paul W Perkins

For a writer writing is as necessary as breathing. They do not write to courtroom celebrity or for cash, but because they believe that they have some thing to say. It matters not that anybody will read or listen, the words must be written, and when in the process someone is lucky. Http://

Married, with three sons, three daughter-in-laws, and three grandchildren, Dr. Perkins has enjoyed the fruit that comes through life's struggles. No journey worth travel is without barriers, but the joy of seeing new generations increase in love and grace has made it worthwhile.

Dr. Perkins has a Bachelors of Science in Bible, a Masters of Biblical Instruction and a Doctorate of Education. He hopes that through his writing that he will inspire the imagination . Dr. Perkins also wishes to challenge traditional thinking that blinds men's hearts and keeps them in the deeper things of God.

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Eric Schumacher

Eric Schumacher (1968 - ) is an American historical novelist who now resides in Santa Barbara, California, along with his wife and two children. He had been born and raised in Los Angeles and attended college.

At a very early age, Schumacher found his love for writing and medieval European history, in addition to authors like J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. Those discoveries are still fuel his creativity and affect. His first novel, God's Hammer, was published in 2005.

To Find out More, see his site:

Follow him on Twitter: @DarkAgeScribe

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Leila McGrath

LEILA MCGRATH is an instructor who has written tales and articles . Now she is turning her focus.

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Njord Kane

Njord Kane is a infantry and cavalry veteran who served in law enforcement where he pursued the areas of anthropology, social psychology, and military 31, before entering the area of academia. Having abandoned his profession, he deals with his adult sons at home whilst writing about early Norse and Mesoamerican history and culture at and Kane is the author of many books including, The Vikings, The Viking Hero Series, and The Maya.

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Kevin McLeod

I was born and raised in Scotland. To be precise I was born in 1975 in Hamilton. (annually old my oldest daughter thinks is near all over the time Vikings invaded Britian; that is how old her dad is.) When I was quite young we transferred into Dunblane in which I spent most of my years until I was approximately 20. After some travel around I have returned with our two amazing daughters and my wife Kathleen in Hamilton. They do say that you go back to where it all started one day.

Having had two private brushes with death; equally far too premature in my entire life if you're asking for my opinion. I determined it was time to check out my own dreams, not to allow my creative side out and be frightened anymore.

I have always enjoyed writing and have written several short stories. One day I shall publish these stories (re-written and tidied up naturally) for everybody else to see. I knew in my own heart that I wished to compose a book and that I had thoughts competing to be first out this hat. (I have to put on a hat these days, I am bald and it gets cold in Scotland) I'd write a novel, as yet untitled, however, chose not to release it once I had the idea for The Viking's Apprentice. This new idea grabbed me and that I began writing. Inspired by my oldest and my brothers who loves to read. I wished to write a story they love rather than later and can read. That may be enjoyed by everyone, although A story aimed at younger viewers.

2 years of hard labour, re-writes, edits and studying about the sector came to fruition once the Viking Apprentice was released on Amazon on March 28th 2013.

I'm so grateful for everyone who helped and supported me throughout the creation of The Viking's Apprentice. I am grateful.

My proudest moment as an author so much came after a school teacher approached me to mention my publication, The Viking's Apprentice, had inspired a 10 Year-old non

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JD Franx

JD Franx is a Canadian writer and the creator of the dream world called Talohna, an epic scale, high fantasy world known for winding fantasy tropes in an entirely new way. After spending a year creating and building Talohna, JD finally began writing Talohna's very first story in 2013. A year later, a very first draft of this Legacy was finished together with the string prologue novella titled, Sins of the Past. 2 years later, The Legacy was eventually ready to publish and released to Oct. 24, 2016.

The dad of two incredible teenagers, JD was interested in writing since high school, but not had the time for it until the past few decades. Having a strong interest in old world Europe, JD plans to do lots of travelling with his family over the upcoming few years with the goal of seeing a number of the European sights that influenced Talohna. Notably the Scottish and Irish castles that motivated Talohna's Cascade Citadel and the catacombs under Paris that helped bring The Ageless Library of the Arcane into life.

Planning several more books in his Darkness Collection ought to keep readers happy as both The Legacy and the coming Blood of the Missing end in over 200,000 words and 6-700 pages, making for a classic high fantasy browse with a brand new appearance.

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