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Vivarium Twin Atlantic product image


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BioBubble Pets is a world-renowned award-winning designer and producer of small animal habitats and educational projects for the classroom and home. We're recognized for our strong commitment to deliver the maximum quality advanced products to animal and nature lovers around the world.

Our passion for caring for and nurturing small companion pets and our commitment to education as well as the wellbeing of all living things is the driving force behind all of our innovation.

We care deeply about the Earth our organic environments, conservation, education and our own communities. We consider all human beings benefit from nurturing relationships and connections with little creatures and learning about the Earths natural environments.

BioBubbles would be the world's most versatile creature habitats. Even the BioBubble and all of our other products offer anyone and everyone the opportunity to research, experience and connect with nature by being in a position to produce all sorts of habit habitats including reptiles, fish, small animals, plants and insects. Our products are excellent for producing beautiful aquascapes, landscapes, greenhouses and other all-natural surroundings that are ideal for small animals that swim, crawl, climb and fly.

Please explore our website and return often as we're continually adding new and exciting content. Enjoy our products and feel free to contact us with any thoughts and queries you may have. We're here to serve and provide world-class customer service to everybody we have the fantastic fortune of meeting.

Thank You,
The BioBubble Family

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Orin McMonigle

Orin McMonigle was sharing his love of invertebrates in printing for over a century. A post he wrote on invertebrates was awarded 1st place, best post for the year 1988 by FAAS. He's published invertebrate husbandry posts in books including Reptile & Amphibian Hobbyist, Invertebrates-Magazine, '' International Fauna Society's The Keeper, Insecta, Invertebrata, along with Exotiske Insekter. Main editor of Invertebrates-Magazine from 2001-2014. First book published in 1999, The Complete Guide to Rearing Grant's Rhinoceros Beetle was followed by over twenty titles regarding captive needs and invertebrate zoology.

During years of study and experimentation, trial and error, methods for bettering some of the most striking microfauna have been shaped. While attention has increased exponentially in the past couple of decades it is still practically unheard of for humans to have a modicum of appreciation for real fantastic beasts like the magnificent Eastern Hercules Beetle, Unicorn Mantis, Albino Millipede, along with Gargantuan Amazonian Whipspider. The hope is that through the sharing of all species particulars and husbandry parameters confirmed by first hand experience (in addition to husbandry parameters analyzed and provided directly by other amateur and professional funerary fans) the provided tools will inspire a greater appreciation for our little fellow creatures in their living state and before the majority find their habitat is replaced by shopping malls and eternally poisoned by artificial substances. These tiny, magnificent, creatures deserve to be cultivated, discovered, and cared for; not only squashed or poisoned, dried, also pinned.

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