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Christina Jordan

Christina Jordan was featured in People Magazine "Half Their Size" Issue 2017, The Doctors, Very Good Morning America, '' E! News, Inside Edition, The Insider, Extra, People Entertainment Weekly and First For Women Magazine.

Once toppling the scales at 271 pounds and struggling with multiple severe weight-induced conditions, including type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic exhaustion and hormone issues, Christina Jordan, surpassed her struggle with fat and is now using her 131 pounds fat reduction to help inspire others do exactly the same!

Though you'd never guess it now, nine years past Christina Jordan had been 100+ pounds, sick, exhausted and facing a diagnosis of life threatening diseases. Her weight dropped at 19 years old and from the time she was 22 she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, higher blood pressure and several other conditions that doctors warned could end her own life. She'd hit rock bottom! Christina attempted and failed to lose weight over and over again, spending hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars with nothing to show for it! In 2006, she tipped the scale in 271 pounds, heavier than, Mike Tyson, the formerly Heavy Weight Boxing Champion of the world! The toughest part was how she could not run and play together with her young sons because her heart couldn't deal with the strain. For many years Christina felt trapped by her weight.

After several health scares, Christina found her inspiration to finally get healthier. She was ready to take control back on her health and desperately wanted to enjoy life together with her husband a kids. With the aid of her husband, Derek, Christina started to study nutrition, fitness, weight loss and healthier living. She totally altered her diet from a meal per day of simple carbohydrates, sugars and soft beverages, to five to six healthy proportioned meals a day that included lean proteins, organic fruits and vegetables, heal

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Petrina Hamm

After losing 100 pounds, Petrina Hamm chose to trade in her business suits & practical pumps as a corporate attorney to athletic wear & jogging shoes – turning newfound passion for health & fitness into a thriving home-based business. A former certified personal trainer, she has used her specialist knowledge & personal experience as an internet fitness trainer. She’therefore helped countless achieve their health & fitness goals throughout house fitness plans. She also works with solo entrepreneurs (many of whom are mothers working from home) to construct their own companies through social media and email list construction so they can advertise with more heart and less hustle.

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Maria Cook

Maria Cook and husband Ben Collins settled at the Hudson Valley in 1972, with the aim of breeding game birds and developing grapes. This dream led to the now mythical Chef of a renowned Restaurant, that became highly awarded, such as the Restaurant of the Year award in 1991 and 1994 and again 2001-2003.

Together with the earnings of this restaurant in 2005, Maria had been opened the Export Kitchen at Maine. Her profession includes food, farming production together with television food and presenting writing. Maria’so look on The Cook & the Chef educated her place among America's most well-known food personalities, along with her line of products one of the most highly esteemed for Western gourmets.

Two enormous highlights were being chosen as Old American of the Year. Maria was also thrilled to be appointed a Member of the Order of American for her service to tourism and hospitality at 2012. On September 2012, Maria was totally thrilled to receive a Doctor of Business honoris causa in Columbia University at the Faculty of Human Sciences and Faculty of Business and Economics.

Her many appearances on television include MasterChef, putting new ratings records to the episodes she included in. The Lifestyle Channel featured Maggie with a Christmas Special dedicated to seasonal menus and celebration.

Maria is pushed with a great food existence for all, and all that it encompasses. Included in the philosophy, she is proud to be the American Ambassador for the terrific Kitchen Garden Foundation, whose motivational programme could truly change lives.

Maria's expectation for each and every American to have a fantastic food existence, with the hope of encouraging everyone (young, old and in between!) To delight in quality, seasonal cooking every day.

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Kayla Bates

The absolute most significant thing we've got in our own lives is our wellbeing, therefore it is only right to understand ways to best care for it.

Kayla Bates is a #1 best selling health and fitness author that teaches you everything you need to learn about getting fit, decreasing pressure, losing fat, and living more.

Back in 2017 she joined the health professional staff in where she specializes in nutrition, weight loss, and anxiety reduction.

Know more by scroll down the page and take a look at her other publications on living a more healthy life...

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Darrin Wiggins

After spending years struggling with his own weight, Darrin decided it was time for a shift. With that started his private journey of losing 45 lbs in 12 months to contend in his first all-natural bodybuilding competition.

Once that was complete that he noticed just how much better he believed and while he never wore those tight posing trunks again he did find his real passion in life. Helping others end their struggle with the bulge. He knew losing weight has been lots of work but had the personal story of this difference it makes on your life to become healthy.

With all these people wanting to know what he didn't lose so much weight when remaining healthy, he knew it was time to chronicle the facts of his daily diet. He wrote Weight Loss Domination Diet as his first publication as well as has past he has added many more names to his portfolio.

His passion is helping people break free of the weight loss cycle they are in. Losing weight shouldn't be a lifetime event and yet lots of men and women face that exact situation for the majority of their lives. Always trying and always failing making losing weight a impossible battle.

While there are hundreds of diets available for you there is just one right diet for you and hopefully by Darrin exploring as many of them as he does one may finally be in peace with your weight loss conflict.

He chose to be a certified Life Coach once he realized that losing weight has been as much a physical act as a psychological act. Overweight people don't lack self-control but self-love nearly all of the time. That is when he decided it was time to writer books in the personal development market also.

You can have the entire body and the lifestyle of your dreams in the event you can develop the right mindset. Change your mind, change your body, change your life.

"Understand out but do not reside previously. Live for the now and look for your future." - Darrin Wiggins

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Nicholas Bjorn

Hello everybody!

First off thank you for checking out my book and secondly thank you personally for taking the opportunity to checking out my Author page!

Therefore a bit about me... Years ago, in my teenage years, then I got into exercising merely to look great. Back then health and eating was not much of a concern to me. I got really good results but just as quickly plateaued and had difficulty making any important gains on. Back was how important nourishment was.

When I began to concentrate on nutrition I struggled finding the appropriate foods to consume. And around that exact same time I became a fitness expert and if I went to teach others, I understood I needed to learn it for myself first. With my enhanced knowledge I began seeing significant benefits in fat loss and lean muscle gains.

I applied what I discovered with my customers and I loved seeing their progress and improvements equally as far as I enjoyed seeing my own progress. I was carried by this passion . My objective is to talk about what I know to teach and motivate as many folks as I can.

Changing how you consume to eating healthier foods is vitally important to improving your wellness, altering up your body and improving your life.

I expect my novels help to educate and motivate you all. In attaining your health and fitness objectives, and I wish you all the best of luck!

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Linda Prinster

My name is Linda Prinster. At that time when I experienced Dr. Simeons HCG protocol, I had been a 44 year-old mother of 8 children ranging from 21 years old to 1 year old. I had been married for 23 years to exactly the man and, yes, all of the children were 'our' kids.
I've struggled with weight my whole life. I'm among those strong, according to Dr. Simeons, as I have always known that while keeping up a particular, healthful weight was a struggle for my body, the battle wasn't caused by what I improperly failed or what I improperly ate. Though I would never be classified as fat on a weight graph, I did indeed have most or all of the 'signs and symptoms of obesity' Dr. Simeons so clearly defines.
I've dieted a lot of days to count over time; a few worked at least briefly (NutriSystem worked until the formulation has been changed to not be such a high protein mix of nutrients; Atkins worked for weight reduction, however the recurrence of virtually any carbohydrates brought on the slow return of their fat; diet pills created weight loss possible so long as I was taking the pills, but the side effects could be severe); a few didn't function at all (Weight Watchers, 'cutting back and exercising more', walking, etc.).
My qualifications in composing this manual comprise a PMP certificate and significant consulting experience in management, research and documentation, and weight reduction. Furthermore, before having my last 2 kids within a short period I owned and ran a workout franchise for around two years. During this period, I ran Largest Loser Contests and consulted many individuals - oh, how I wish I would have known about Dr. Simeons and HCG then. Ultimately, I personally experienced great results on Dr. Simeons Protocol and have consulted with many, many individuals on this protocol. So far, each and every player has had remarkable success in both losing the weight, and much more importantly, keeping it away. I

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