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Erin Cox

Erin Cox, author of One Hot Mama: Your Guide to Getting Your Mind and Body Back After Baby, is also an inspirational speaker, wellness coach, and mother of three who advises moms on the best way to live more balanced, more joyful, and healthy lives. Erin has come to be an authority in leading a peaceful, healthy, fulfilled life as a mother throughout her personal experiences since sending her first child in 2006. As Air Force F-15 pilot's wife, Erin has moved four times . Because of this, she heard from moms and has bonded with. Erin also functioned in engineering and science before upheaving her life and after her dream of motivational girls with her writing and speaking. Erin’s assignment is to nurture and encourage women in order that they can appreciate and feel great about themselves, dwell their fantasy lives, and offer their best selves to their nearest and dearest. She's found practicing Pilates, yoga together with her three precious children, or having a glass of wine with her husband, Steve, at her home in Klamath Falls, Oregon.

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Hayley James

Is a self-confessed business enthusiast, web marketer and writer of numerous self-published e-Books.

Within the previous 25 years Hayley has worked in a array of businesses from retailing, hospitality, personnel and recruiting and Health, Beauty and Wellness. She's started her 'bricks and mortar' business from scratch in the wellness and beauty sector, successfully growing it from owner/operator into a business providing substantial employment to the region in which she dwelt.
She is passionate about Business, Networking, Marketing, Health and Nutrition and Self-Development through Travel and is dedicated full time to researching, writing and producing e-Books via the Internet.
"I need to assist as many people as possible, by having an online presence I will reach more people and assist affect many lives".

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Tiffany McCoy

Tiffany McCoy is a born and raised "Texas Girl" who likes to share her enthusiasm for fitness and beauty through her writings. She hopes to share her understanding of those subjects with people all over the world that are willing to learn. As a wife and mother, Tiffany is thankful to be able to talk about interests and her life experiences with like minds.

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