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John R. Lee MD

JOHN R. LEE, M.D. (1929–2003) was globally acknowledged as a pioneer and expert in the study and use of this hormone progesterone, also on the field of hormone replacement therapy for women. He employed transdermal progesterone broadly in his clinical practice for nearly a decade, performing research that showed that it can reverse osteoporosis. Dr. Lee also famously coined the expression “estrogen dominance,” significance a relative absence of progesterone in comparison with estrogen, which causes a list of symptoms recognizable to countless girls. Dr. Lee had a distinguished medical career, including graduating from Harvard and the University of Minnesota Medical School.
After he retired by a 30-year family clinic in Northern California he began writing and travel across the world speaking to physicians, scientists and lay people about progesterone. Dr. Lee also taught a remarkably popular class on#x201c;Optimal Health,” in the College of Marin for 15 years, he wrote the book Optimal Health Guidelines. His next self-published book, written for physicians, was Natural
Progesterone: The Multiple Roles of a Remarkable Hormone.
Then he teamed up with Virginia Hopkins and
129 others to write the best-sellers, What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause and Your Doctor May Not Tell You about Premenopause, as well as What Your Doctor May Not Tell You about Breast Cancer and Dr. John Lee's Hormone Balance Made Simple.

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Melissa Gallico

Most writers attempt to look their best however since I wrote a book about acne, I thought it'd be appropriate to show you the picture of my skin I could find. I was 32 when I took this photo with all the webcam in my Macbook. Thirty-two! It's a "before" image from before I figured out the root cause of my eczema, and therefore the cure. It's possible to see the "after" picture on my site at www.ProjectFree.Me.

Melissa Gardner is an intelligence expert for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Fulbright scholar and A former military intelligence officer to the United Kingdom, she travels across the country providing intelligence support and instructs an intelligence course for FBI analysts. Melissa graduated with honors from Georgetown University with a degree in Science, Technology, and International Affairs and earned a master’s degree in International Studies from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. In her free time she enjoys to read, choose her Labrador retriever to the shore, and expose health scandals. This is her first novel. :)

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Nicholas J. Meyer

Nicholas J. Meyer is an expert journalist who began in athletics writing and now specializes in natural wellbeing. His work was cited by Dr. Joseph Mercola of, the very best natural health site on the web. In addition, he acquired an AP Award 2008 for sports writing in Michigan and has been published in a number of significant outlets such as the Detroit Free Press, Dallas Morning News and Yahoo!
Natural health has become a passion for him since learning of a friend whose mother reversed her Period Four cancer without "conventional" treatments.
Her success led him to make the website, which concentrates on holistic health, organic food and a lot more.
His Kindle novels are aimed toward educating others the nature of why natural wellness is significant and how it directly impacts them.

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