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Winchester 22 41324 Brass Folding Knife product image


Pocket Guide Winchester Firearms Values product image


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Winchester 3247 Knife Pocket Sharpener product image


Winchester Folding 3 Inch Handle 31 000306 product image


Winchester 22 01335 3 Inch Folder Pocket product image


Winchester Double Bolster Lockback 22 41788 product image


Winchester Pocket Guide Identification Collectible product image


Winchester Pakka Stockman Knife 22 41787 product image


Winchester Folding Knife 2 25 Inch 22 49435 product image


Winchester Folding 3 5 Inch Leather 22 41322 product image

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S.P. Fjestad

Best-selling author S.P. Fjestad’s involvement with firearms started early since he climbed up on a dairy farm in west central Minnesota and began duck hunting in age 10. While working in the IRI (Investment Rarities) Firearms Division throughout the 1980s, he became the author and publisher of this Blue Book of Gun Values, now with over 1.4 million copies in print. It remains the best selling gun book.

During the late 1980s, the author/publisher, a musician with all international credits, discovered by experience that there wasn’t a fantastic reference book on guitars. After three Decades of research, the 1st Edition Blue Book of Guitars was published in 1993, and then expanded to the Blue Book of Guitar Amplifiers, Blue Book of Electric Guitars, the Blue Book of Acoustic Guitars, along with other titles. In 1998, the 4th Edition Blue Book of Guitars won the “IPPY” (Independent Publisher Small Press Book Award) for Best Reference Book.

Blue Book Publications has gone on to acquire many IPPYs from the Finest Reference class with author Dennis Adler’s trio of black powder names, including Colt Blackpowder Reproductions & Replicas, Black Powder Revolvers – Reproductions & Replicas, along with Black Powder Long Arms & Pistols – Reproductions & Replicas.

Within the last 3 years, S.P. Fjestad has been edited and published over 160 books on a wide variety of topics, such as firearms, airguns, black powder reproductions and replicas, including cars, guitars, engraving, billiards and swimming events, ammunition, along with others. Among #x 2019 & Blue Book Publication;s most recent accomplishments has been its site, which enables the client to acquire his/her information from #x 2013 & a mobile device; almost any time, anyplace.

Additionally, S.P. Fjestad has edited and written hundreds of articles for various trade books, and the Blue Book of Gun Values Might Be the only gun b

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