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Daniel Hall

Daniel Hall was born 13th of July 1972 from the USA. Being an engineer by training, he turned into Cook Non-professionally due to the fascination with meals and teaching others the basics of cooking. In 2007 he began to compose a blog and talk about simple recipes for each day. Specializes in barbecue dishes for picnics, big family celebrations. Also coming up with recipes for fresh technological apparatus: Instant pot, oven, grill while using simple components for simple And delicious life .

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Nongkran Daks

A native of southern Thailand, Nongkran Daks' debut to cooking started in the beginning. She'd get up at 4:00 am everyday to pound curry paste. Later, as a college student in Bangkok, Nongkran worked in a restaurant with the improbable title "Dairy Queen", while earning a degree in agricultural economics. Subsequently, for meals acquired during household travels she used her husband and kids as the spouse of a diplomat.

Prior to launching the Thai Basil, Nongkran educated cooking and catered in Honolulu, the Washington, DC area, China, Laos, Taiwan and Thailand. A snack bar also ran in Bangkok featuring a cheesecake and dishes.

In her Thai Basil restaurant, Nongkran seeks maximum authenticity. She also offers cooking classes and workshops and conducts demonstrations.

Nongkran's cuisine has received positive coverage in the New York Times, USA Today, the Washington Post, Washingtonian magazine, the Zagat and AOL and Gayot guide. Her restaurant also got the authorities of Thailand's "Thai Select" certificate.

In 2009 Nongkran conquer Celebrity Chef Bobby Flay in a Pad Thai contest on his Food Network app Throwdown! Back in 2010, a segment was filmed by her with Samantha Brown.

Multi-cultural and multi-faceted, Nongkran is a part of this culinary culture, Les Dames d'Escoffier. Her first cookbook, "The Secrets of Thai Cooking," was self-published. Subsequently, Alexandria Greeley along with Nongkran co-authored two Thai and also a cookbooks. Their newest cookbook is "Nong's Thai Kitchen".

Know more about Nongkran and the Thai Basil at

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Sarah Spencer

Sarah Spencer, who resides with two kids and her husband in Canada, describes herself as an avid foodie who enjoys seeing the Food Network above a hockey match or NCIS! She is a cook that dedicates her time between making her family, writing cookbooks, along with new recipes, though not necessarily in that order!

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Hello my name is Ted Alling,

For as long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed cooking and spending some time in the kitchen. I honestly believed that my mom had committed her life into cooking, but later in life, I came to know that she was simply a fantastic stay at home mother of 4. Although I was a boy, I was always the only one considering helping my mother make sandwiches, fried mushrooms, and bratwurst. She proceeded to teach me how to make pasta, to cook poultry as well as how to make a risotto.

Life in Germany was wonderful as a kid, but my parents decided to move to the United States, or even more especially into the condition of Illinois, in 1990. When I went out to go to school in Georgia, not only was able to make some yummy dishes but I had been a really common roommate to have —I had been among those very rare ones who might prepare something apart from mac & cheese from the box. The students from the dorm really dug my fried rice. Until this afternoon I won’t give out the key ingredient that makes it unique…

I graduated from school with honors and an accounting degree in 1995, and soon after began working in a business in downtown Atlanta. All I could think of all day was that which I would make for my girlfriend to get dinner. She clearly didn't mind I had taken over the kitchen early in our relationship. She is a nurse, and often must work long hours and comes home exhausted and famished.

But, food was now much more than a hobby or necessity for me personally#x2026;it was actually closer to an obsession, however I prefer to use the expression passion. I was spending the majority of my weekends visiting new local markets and discovering new produce and herbs. After working as an accountant for five years, I realized that life was far too brief to keep on missing out in my own true calling: cooking.

I implemented as a part time cook at a local diner about 10 minutes fr

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Naomi Imatome-Yun is an editor-in-chief at Los Angeles and has been the Korean food editor for for eight years. Her work appears in USA Today, Yahoo, and Dining Out. She resides with her husband and sons in California.

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Katie Chin

Chef Katie Chin has been born and raised with her own award winning restaurateur mum. Because of schoolgirl, Katie assisted inside the catering tasks of her mother and, afterwards, worked in the restaurants. She employed her mother's first cookbook to provide dinner parties. However, as a time-pressed grownup, Katie adopted the modern cuisine of the peers—restaurant food, takeout and Haagen Dazs. Until her mom intervened: "If you visit a restaurant and sit down, it is two hours!" Her daughter was informed by Leeann. "In that time you can make something healthy! ” Feeling motivated and back in touch with her culinary origins, Katie quit her role as a film and television marketing executive to run her business Happiness Catering. Specializing in Pan-Asian cuisine, Katie catered many celebrity-studded events for entertainment sectors and the fashion.
Katie is author of “300 Best Rice Cooker Recipes” (Robert Rose Publishing) and also co-author of “Everyday Chinese Cooking” (Clarkson Potter). She also co-hosted that the 2003 national PBS cooking show, “Double Happiness,” in conjunction with her mother. Katie has made Many appearances on national television including demos On Specials for Your Food Network and Fine Living as well as The Today Show. She's been featured in Glamour, Family Circle, Cooking Light, Bon Appetit, Self Magazine, Angeleno Magazine, Hampton Magazine, Elle Magazine, Daily Candy, Daily Variety Simple, The Los Angeles Times and Ventura Blvd Magazine. Katie recently functioned as a guest opinion on Food Network’s Iron Chef America and a featured guest on Cooking Channel’s Food(ography) and Good Day New York. She now serves to City of Hope and its Super Foods initiative.
Based in Los Angeles, Katie divides her

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Charmaine Ferrara

CHARMAINE FERRARA was born and raised in Malaysia. Charmaine discovered how simple it was to make Chinese dishes with her wok, after she learned to cook for himself. She's the author of the food blog Wok & Skillet where she shares her enthusiasm for producing recipes. Learn more at

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Don Orwell

Don Orwell is currently a creator of Superfoods Association, Superfoods blogger and writer of many Superfoods novels. He switched on eating only whole foods Superfoods at 2009 after being diagnosed with significant vascular troubles and very low thyroid. Superfoods helped him regain his health, lose weight, mend his hormones imbalance and assisted with his mum ADHD issue. He chose to explain his weight reduction experience and inspire folks to start rethinking their eating habits. Equation for fat loss and great health is quite easy:

Whole Foods Superfoods + Water - Processed Foods = Weight Loss and Good Health

Estimates from the Authorities:
"Our food should be our medicine and our medicine ought to be our meals." - Hippocrates
"All diseases begin in the intestine" - Hippocrates 460 - 370 BC
"At america and most Western nations, diet-related chronic diseases represent the single biggest cause of morbidity and mortality. All these disorders are epidemic in modern Westernized populations and generally afflict 50-65% of the mature population." - Origins and Evolution of the Western Diet: health implications for the 21st century -American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Consider the old adage: "You're What You Eat"
"How Can You Go Wrong With Superfoods-only Diet?"

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