The Best Women Erotic Stories - July 2020

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Young Unprotected Stories Eaxtly Sounds ebook product image


Enchanted Erotic Bedtime Stories Fiction ebook product image


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Thrill Lucia Jordan ebook product image


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Emily Dawn

I'm Emily Dawn--a mother of a spouse six, and a 9th grade teacher. I dress nice, go to PTA meetings, and go.

When the sun goes down, I write love. Sometimes frequently rough dark bloated, and hot and dirty. Select a read and settle in. I'm here to provide you a flavor of this taboo in case you have just a little time to kill you would like. And if you like it, join my mailing list to receive updates.

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Lucinda Jay Thompson

Lucinda Jay Thompson is a writer who had been born in the early seventies and has since childhood a strong interest in writing and studying stories that are compelling. She grew up in Miami, at the United States. The writer is a real-world citizen and she enjoys getting influenced by cultures from all over the world.

The writer likes to do research on several different topics to implement them in her novels and thus help folks.

Meditation has helped her to gain control over her mind and also walk a stress free lifestyle path. Meditation gives a happier, healthier and more effective lifestyle to her. Lucinda enjoys watching the amazing improvements in people's lives through her books. She's to help individuals and guide them along these customs. The author is keen to assist people to become fitter and happier.

Lucinda’ other interests include theater, world music, swimmingpool, dance, art, multimedia, travel, walking on the countryside and enjoying time with her spouse, children and loved ones.

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