The Best Wringer Washing Machine - February 2019

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GetPreparedStuff Best Clothes Wringer Hand product image


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Laundry Alternative Wonderwash Non electric Portable product image


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Breathing Mobile Washer Classic Construction product image


Mini Portable Countertop Spin Dryer product image


O Cedar UltraMax Microfiber Flat Bucket product image


Woodsam Magic Spin Mop Housewife product image


Dynajet BL 38 Chamois Towel Wringer product image


Casabella Spin Cycle Mop Bucket product image


Rubbermaid Commercial 4 Piece Washing FGS22600GY00 product image

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Casabella was created with the novel concept that housewares and cleaning goods can be good looking, interesting and functional all at exactly the identical time. This is a radical notion from the 1980's; today it is embraced globally. We invest our funds in the creative process to examine everyday activities and design ergonomic and great looking resources. Why shouldn't you leave your broom out? Why should not a mop possess a washable headset so it's always super clean once you get started? Why can not dishwashing gloves be sexy pink?

With focus on graphic and product design we work to deliver products which are attractive, intuitive and supremely functional. That's our challenge!   We design, assemble, and distribute goods from our New York headquarters. The Casabella Team is comprised of individuals working hard daily to keep the business moving in new and better directions. We think we can always do better and try to spot improvements in our procedures as well as our customers.   Manufacturing is contracted by a global network of accredited and approved factories, including the production of more than a million individual bits made in the us.

We're proud to market our products via a fabulous network of merchants in the United States, internationally, and also on the web.
Twenty five plus years of great design, with a focus on purpose and ethical business practices have assembled our business. Thanks to everyone who's part of the story: workers, consumers, investors and believers!

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