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Write Your Own Story Book For kids aged 7 11 Kids create your own book You re the author Write product image


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Lulu Jr.

Lulu Jr. allows children to become published writers, encouraging imagination, strengthening schooling and building self-esteem. As they build their confidence as a writer publishing is an accomplishment for anyone, particularly a writer. Using Lulu Jr.'s award-winning book-making kits, IlluStory along with My Favorite Novel, children can attain their potential as an artist and author. With 800,000 kits sold and over 15 industry awards, Lulu Jr. is the ideal destination for young writers.  

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R. A. Montgomery

R.A. Montgomery has been an avid adventurer, first and foremost. Whether in the hills, or around the sea, or even at explorations of the brain, he discovered experience. Trekking in the Himalayas, operating in the management of a top university, educating faculty, or even working in the Peace Corps in Africa, Montgomery took making choices severely.

"There is never a day in which you aren't faced with selection. Some small choices can establish the rest of your life's course. CYOA gave me a vehicle for examining all the effects of selection."

Since the co-founder of Pick Your Own Adventure, his books are famous for being bestselling chapter books at the exact same arena as Wimpy Kid, Magic Tree House along with the Disney Princess series. Choose Your Own Adventure books are fantastic for children and reluctant readers who don't want to read. A love of reading for generations has prompted.

He had been born in Greenwich, Connecticut at 1936. One of his first memories was of him sitting in his high seat and being fearful of Jell-O, which he believed was living. He attended Hopkins Grammar School, the oldest private college in the country (founded in 1660), also Williston Academy. He got his college degree in 1958 from Williams, and attended graduate school at NYU and Yale.

Choose Your Sex® novels reflect his varied interests and values. "More than anything else, everyone should have the freedom to express themselves. Everybody should take risks and be prepared to fail. Selecting yourself up off the mat is the fundamental business of existence."

R.A. Montgomery made his house in north central Vermont, where he co-founded Chooseco in 2003, the small publishing house that has re-introduced the CYOA series. Ray continued to travel frequently to Eu and annually to Asia although his climbing times were kaput

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