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Polar Jade

Many (9 out of 10) jade eggs in the Marketplace are FAKE eggs mostly made from Crystalline marble Stone such as serpentine, aventurine stones.     Some retailers market these bogus eggs because    "new jade", "water jade", "helu jade", "serpentine jade", "serpentine nephrite jade", "xiuyan jade", "xiuyu jade", "Chinese jade", "green jade", "white jade", or just "jade eggs" without mentioning the stone type.

Most imitation "jade eggs" such as those made from serpentine stones are very soft.     These soft fake "jade eggs" generally will de-color when calling with moisture and air that the de-coloring is caused by the reactions of the soft and loose serpentine marble stone with moisture in the presence of air. We strongly propose you don't utilize those serpentine fake "jade eggs". Thinking about the intimate usage, any stone that de-colors over time isn't acceptable for yoni egg whites.

We are the sole and exclusive vendor for Polar Jade Brand yoni eggs made of genuine nephrite jade, rose quartz and obsidian gemstones. Item security is our most important priority. No any substance therapy nor dyeing is utilized in the production process.  

Wear real yoni eggs, safe and healing. Don't wear cheap fake rock eggs which have safety issues.

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